Weekend Vibes


So, I’m great at hoarding clothes. They are sprawled across the shelves in my wardrobe, on the bed and on the armchair in my room. Most of these go unused as I have a number of favorites that I use for everyday wear. So, I decided to dig up a few lesser used pieces and man, was I missing out! It was a move that helped me overcome the monotony of the weekdays and find some ensembles to rock over weekends.

The Romper


Personally, I heart this romper/playsuit. It’s light, comfy and as pretty as it could get. I paired it with a pair of light brown heels with tassels for contrast, along with blue and brown tassel earrings. This look is perfect for almost any kind of activity that you’d want to do over a weekend – Street shopping, brunch, movies, etc.











The romper is from Bedazzle. The heels are from Catwalk.

The High Necked Cold Shoulders


This one’s a sophisticated look. A high necked, cold-shouldered brown top, paired with a grey denim dungaree skirt and embellished grey heels. The pairing of the delicate top and the denim skirt is rather unconventional but works because of the dull combination of colors. This ensemble suits best for activities that don’t require a lot of physical work say a dinner date or a birthday party. Most definitely a car to carpet look!








The brown top is from Primadiva. The denim skirt dungaree is from People. The embellished heels are from Silhouette. The look is paired with a pair of olive tassel earrings.

The Dungaree


Go sporty and chic in the dungaree-sneaker-look! The slit sleeved blue and white top adds glamour to the otherwise casual look. It’s one of the most comfortable ensembles on this post. Perfectly suitable for a picnic, provided that you have ample sunscreen!



The blue and white striped, slit sleeved top is from AND and the blue denim dungaree is from Kook and Keech.

And the Mandatory Dress


Investing in a gorgeous and comfortable dress does wonders to your Instagram feed. On a less superficial level, it bodes well for numerous occasions namely, birthday parties, brunch, shopping, etc. I personally love the one I’m sporting as it gives a light, breezy look and the cut at the back adds dollops of style.


The back-cut dress is from a relatively new clothing store called Spring Diaries (formerly Red Velvet) and the black heels are from Soles.

Let me know your thoughts on these looks in the comments! Thanks for being here ❤

Sincere thanks to my photographer Dakshinya Shree N and editor Samhitha Kanthavar.
















Flying with Fashion

We’re all done and dusted with the good old dungarees and their kids, dungaree skirts and dungaree dresses. What’s new, you ask?

Cue the gorgeous and uber cute dungaree palazzos!


I was lazily shifting through the countless racks of clothes in one of the major Show Off outlets when I spotted this rare beauty. And to my absolute joy, it was in my all time favorite color and pattern – black and striped!

It comes with a zipper at the back and the (suspenders) are to be tied.


Let’s dive into the pros and cons of these beauties right away.



  • They’re hella comfortable.
  • Unlike some dungarees that come with a pair of fixed length suspenders, these are otherwise, and can be tied near the shoulder or the back.
  • They’re definitely unique and would make you stand out.
  • Call me stupid, but I like the swishing sound they make when I walk.



  • Amidst all that fabric, it gets pretty hot in there, despite the perceived ventilation.
  • The strips of fabric to be tied over the shoulders could keep slipping off, despite your best efforts.
  • It gets a wee bit complicated when nature calls.

These may not be liked by everyone as they’re slightly over the top and not subtle, then again that’s true for a lot of pieces out there. I feel at home when I’m wearing these and I think I’ve already worn these thrice since I bought them.


What I’m wearing:

The dungaree palazzos are from Show Off.

The off-shoulder red top is from Kazo.

The ornamental striped shirt is from Van Heusen.

The red heels are from Dressberry.

The black metal earrings are from Westside.

Let me know what you think about the look in the comments! Until next time. 🙂

Sincere thanks to my photographer Dakshinya Shree N and my editor Samhita Kanthavar.


The Winter Vixen

Look your hottest while staying warm this blue winter

DSC_00751 (1)

There is fog. There are cold winds. And then there are freezing nights. Winter has given its grand entrance this year, and all I want to do is snuggle under the blanket in a comfy sweater with a steaming cup of coffee morning, noon and night. Turning into a hermit not being an option, I did some shopping to make myself want step out. Did it work and how! Read on to find out more about some of the most comfortable, warm and stylish looks to sport this winter.


Look 1:



A pair of faded blue jeans, a full sleeved blue top teamed with brown boots and a matching scarf is elegant simplicity at its best. This casual look is at the top of my list for a casual day out. Replacing the top with a sweater is a good idea if you’re spending your day mostly outdoors.

The shimmery blue top is from Mast and Harbour and the faded blue jeans are from Roadster.


Look 2


This look is a warmer option. The black poncho that I’m sporting is a warm and fuzzy piece of blessing. It keeps you warm right from the neck down. This one fits for a particularly cold day.


Look  3


High-shine ensembles are what’s hot this season. Gold and silver jackets are here to stay. The jacket gives you the edge you’d be looking for at a party and it sure keeps you warm.
The silver jacket is from Kook N Keech and the red pumps are from Mast and Harbour.
Look 4



An unconventional, colorful sweater is what makes this gloomy weather seem not-so-gloomy. A playful piece like the sweater I’m sporting would paint a festive day like Christmas day, happy. The pom-poms on my sweater makes me feel like a walking candy and I love it!

The grey sweater with pom-poms is from Kook N Keech and the blue  sandals are from Mast and Harbour.

Stay warm this winter and let me know what your favorite looks are! Until next time 🙂

Sincere thanks to my photographer Dakshinya Shree N and my editor Samhita Kanthavar.

Hues and Hopes

Playing with colors and more.

Emotions are colors. Moods are colors. Experiences are colors. We’ve subconsciously come to associate colors with different aspects of life.

There are mood dressers whose dominant mood of the day is reflected by the colors they – consciously or subconsciously – choose to wear.

Color theory has enough concepts to fill several encyclopedias; however the crux of it can be understood via the color wheel.

color wheel


As you can probably guess by the heading, this style is all about a single color and shades of a single color. This is my favorite color scheme as it brings my thoughts and feelings out straight without confusion. It doesn’t draw a lot of attention and it’s easy on the eyes. It’s harmonious at its best and plain at its worst.


Here, the shades of blue work together and bring out a calm albeit a slightly stormy mood.

The blue jeans are from Roadster, the blue tank top from People and the jacket from Dressberry. The boots are from J Collection.


This single shade of maroon is strong enough to make you (and others around you) feel like you’re absolutely sorted (even if you’re not; I certainly am not :p). It’s a good idea to make sure that at least one piece of clothing is patterned or texturedHu to avoid looking bland when you’re going with a single shade.

The top with polka dots is from Dressberry and the strappy heels are from Soles.


Complimentary colors are those that are exactly opposite to each other on the color wheel. Examples are green and maroon, yellow and purple, blue and orange. It’s important to identify with the colors you’re wearing in this style to be able to carry it off like a boss. Personally, I find this style chaotic and jarring, so I restrict it to dark colors (with light intensities) that don’t visually collide with each other.


The light shade of the olive top does a good job of downplaying the heaviness of the maroon of the rest of the outfit.

The olive cold shoulder top is from Kazo and the maroon heels from Soles.


Anything that floats between black, white, and shades of gray falls under this category. Black signifies power, and white, peace. A combination of black, white, and gray brings a good balance and for me, indicates a mature, consistent personality.


This combination puts me at ease; as it makes me feel like I’m ready to face a difficult situation and I can handle sensitive issues well. For me, it’s a clear winner.

The black jeans are from Forever 21. The cold shoulder sweater top is from Boohoo and the white platform shoes are from Shoetopia.


This outfit is a slight play on grayscale. A dash of color adds an extra layer on top of all the seriousness. In this case, the pink brings out playfulness.

Both the tops are from Show Off and the lace flats are from SSS.

Whether the colors of the outfit you wear define you, or you define the colors of the outfit you wear, it’s an undeniable fact that they play a part, however big or small, in your day. Some colors have been proven to be very effective in turning events to your favor in certain circumstances, but that’s another day’s read. This very brief description of combining colors is aimed at playing and experimenting with different colors and bringing out the best shade in you. Cheers!

Sincere thanks to my photographer Dakshinya Shree N. and editor Samhita Kanthavar. Special thanks to Ankitha Srinivas for make-up and accessories.





A simple guide to nailing those beautiful bell sleeves.

Elaborate hand movements, longer than necessary goodbye waves and brushing that lock of hair – that is sitting right where it’s supposed to be- a little too often, is totally justified when you’re sporting a bell sleeve top with elaborate sleeves! Who doesn’t want that princess-y feeling once in a while? So let’s talk bell sleeves and how to do them right!

Look 1 :

A bell sleeve top with a pair of plain jeans never goes wrong. The attention stays where it’s supposed to – the top. It’s simple and understated, yet classy and elegant.


This look goes best on a day that will have you on your toes and requires you to look dressy like, say a college fest.


           This Kazo top is one of my favorites. It keeps me warm and doesn’t hinder my hand movement.


Look 2:

Pairing a palazzo with a bell sleeve top is a gamble. There is a lot going on and it might turn out to be a little over the top. But done right, it turns you into a pretty damsel. Making sure that one of the two pieces is patternless is a start.


This look is a classic for trips. The palazzo makes sure your legs don’t tan, and it’s as comfortable as it gets.  This combination gets you looking camera ready instantly.


The top is from Kazo and the palazzo pants are from Hey.


Look 3:

Pairing something as elegant and girly as a bell sleeve top with a raw looking piece of denim gets the perfect balance between lovely and sexy. I chose to wear a skirt dungaree as skirts are somewhat the same family of feminine as of bell sleeves.


This is a good outfit to sport when you’re going shopping in malls, not only do you have the oomph factor, but it’s also extremely easy to change when you’re trying on outfits in the changing room.


The shimmery bottle green top is from one of the countless Show Off outlets and it’s a steal. The denim skirt dungaree is from People.


Look 4 :

A well fitted long skirt with slits and a tucked in bell sleeve top is sophistication and class at its heights. It gives you a regal feeling and the confidence of a supermodel we see on shows.


This isn’t the most comfortable ensemble, so it’s best suited when you’re not doing too much walking or too many activities. A party or get-together where all you’re expected to do is socialize with people and take pictures is a good place to start.A definite car to carpet look.


The top is from Show Off and the heels from Dressberry.


Look 5:

This look of wearing the top on top of a dress is a little unconventional, but it gives a lot of room for creativity. This is easily the most girly look of all and it’s not one of my favorites, but it’s as pretty as it gets. The top can be worn in the style and length of your choice and can be held in place with a pretty belt or a ribbon.


This look is perfect for family events like anniversaries or dinner parties. You’re sure to get a lot of ooh’s and aah’s about how pretty you’ve gotten since the time your gushing aunt last saw you.


The black bell sleeve top is from Noble Faith. The brand is easily available on the app, Koovs. The blue sheath dress is from Cover Story.


Look 6:

The all black look. In my book, no week is complete if I haven’t sported an all black look at least on one day. It’s the easiest to pull off and it’s as hot as the sun. It can be complemented with a flashy pair of sunglasses or a loud handbag.


This is my go-to outfit for any casual occasion, be it an impromptu outing with friends or even college, when I’m in one of my let’s-slay-the-world moods.


The top is from Noble Faith, the black denims from Forever 21 and the boots are from J Collection.


Sincere thanks to my photographer Dakshinya Shree N and my editor Samhita Kanthavar.