A simple guide to nailing those beautiful bell sleeves.

Elaborate hand movements, longer than necessary goodbye waves and brushing that lock of hair – that is sitting right where it’s supposed to be- a little too often, is totally justified when you’re sporting a bell sleeve top with elaborate sleeves! Who doesn’t want that princess-y feeling once in a while? So let’s talk bell sleeves and how to do them right!

Look 1 :

A bell sleeve top with a pair of plain jeans never goes wrong. The attention stays where it’s supposed to – the top. It’s simple and understated, yet classy and elegant.


This look goes best on a day that will have you on your toes and requires you to look dressy like, say a college fest.


           This Kazo top is one of my favorites. It keeps me warm and doesn’t hinder my hand movement.


Look 2:

Pairing a palazzo with a bell sleeve top is a gamble. There is a lot going on and it might turn out to be a little over the top. But done right, it turns you into a pretty damsel. Making sure that one of the two pieces is patternless is a start.


This look is a classic for trips. The palazzo makes sure your legs don’t tan, and it’s as comfortable as it gets.  This combination gets you looking camera ready instantly.


The top is from Kazo and the palazzo pants are from Hey.


Look 3:

Pairing something as elegant and girly as a bell sleeve top with a raw looking piece of denim gets the perfect balance between lovely and sexy. I chose to wear a skirt dungaree as skirts are somewhat the same family of feminine as of bell sleeves.


This is a good outfit to sport when you’re going shopping in malls, not only do you have the oomph factor, but it’s also extremely easy to change when you’re trying on outfits in the changing room.


The shimmery bottle green top is from one of the countless Show Off outlets and it’s a steal. The denim skirt dungaree is from People.


Look 4 :

A well fitted long skirt with slits and a tucked in bell sleeve top is sophistication and class at its heights. It gives you a regal feeling and the confidence of a supermodel we see on shows.


This isn’t the most comfortable ensemble, so it’s best suited when you’re not doing too much walking or too many activities. A party or get-together where all you’re expected to do is socialize with people and take pictures is a good place to start.A definite car to carpet look.


The top is from Show Off and the heels from Dressberry.


Look 5:

This look of wearing the top on top of a dress is a little unconventional, but it gives a lot of room for creativity. This is easily the most girly look of all and it’s not one of my favorites, but it’s as pretty as it gets. The top can be worn in the style and length of your choice and can be held in place with a pretty belt or a ribbon.


This look is perfect for family events like anniversaries or dinner parties. You’re sure to get a lot of ooh’s and aah’s about how pretty you’ve gotten since the time your gushing aunt last saw you.


The black bell sleeve top is from Noble Faith. The brand is easily available on the app, Koovs. The blue sheath dress is from Cover Story.


Look 6:

The all black look. In my book, no week is complete if I haven’t sported an all black look at least on one day. It’s the easiest to pull off and it’s as hot as the sun. It can be complemented with a flashy pair of sunglasses or a loud handbag.


This is my go-to outfit for any casual occasion, be it an impromptu outing with friends or even college, when I’m in one of my let’s-slay-the-world moods.


The top is from Noble Faith, the black denims from Forever 21 and the boots are from J Collection.


Sincere thanks to my photographer Dakshinya Shree N and my editor Samhita Kanthavar.