Hues and Hopes

Playing with colors and more.

Emotions are colors. Moods are colors. Experiences are colors. We’ve subconsciously come to associate colors with different aspects of life.

There are mood dressers whose dominant mood of the day is reflected by the colors they – consciously or subconsciously – choose to wear.

Color theory has enough concepts to fill several encyclopedias; however the crux of it can be understood via the color wheel.

color wheel


As you can probably guess by the heading, this style is all about a single color and shades of a single color. This is my favorite color scheme as it brings my thoughts and feelings out straight without confusion. It doesn’t draw a lot of attention and it’s easy on the eyes. It’s harmonious at its best and plain at its worst.


Here, the shades of blue work together and bring out a calm albeit a slightly stormy mood.

The blue jeans are from Roadster, the blue tank top from People and the jacket from Dressberry. The boots are from J Collection.


This single shade of maroon is strong enough to make you (and others around you) feel like you’re absolutely sorted (even if you’re not; I certainly am not :p). It’s a good idea to make sure that at least one piece of clothing is patterned or texturedHu to avoid looking bland when you’re going with a single shade.

The top with polka dots is from Dressberry and the strappy heels are from Soles.


Complimentary colors are those that are exactly opposite to each other on the color wheel. Examples are green and maroon, yellow and purple, blue and orange. It’s important to identify with the colors you’re wearing in this style to be able to carry it off like a boss. Personally, I find this style chaotic and jarring, so I restrict it to dark colors (with light intensities) that don’t visually collide with each other.


The light shade of the olive top does a good job of downplaying the heaviness of the maroon of the rest of the outfit.

The olive cold shoulder top is from Kazo and the maroon heels from Soles.


Anything that floats between black, white, and shades of gray falls under this category. Black signifies power, and white, peace. A combination of black, white, and gray brings a good balance and for me, indicates a mature, consistent personality.


This combination puts me at ease; as it makes me feel like I’m ready to face a difficult situation and I can handle sensitive issues well. For me, it’s a clear winner.

The black jeans are from Forever 21. The cold shoulder sweater top is from Boohoo and the white platform shoes are from Shoetopia.


This outfit is a slight play on grayscale. A dash of color adds an extra layer on top of all the seriousness. In this case, the pink brings out playfulness.

Both the tops are from Show Off and the lace flats are from SSS.

Whether the colors of the outfit you wear define you, or you define the colors of the outfit you wear, it’s an undeniable fact that they play a part, however big or small, in your day. Some colors have been proven to be very effective in turning events to your favor in certain circumstances, but that’s another day’s read. This very brief description of combining colors is aimed at playing and experimenting with different colors and bringing out the best shade in you. Cheers!

Sincere thanks to my photographer Dakshinya Shree N. and editor Samhita Kanthavar. Special thanks to Ankitha Srinivas for make-up and accessories.