Weekend Vibes


So, I’m great at hoarding clothes. They are sprawled across the shelves in my wardrobe, on the bed and on the armchair in my room. Most of these go unused as I have a number of favorites that I use for everyday wear. So, I decided to dig up a few lesser used pieces and man, was I missing out! It was a move that helped me overcome the monotony of the weekdays and find some ensembles to rock over weekends.

The Romper


Personally, I heart this romper/playsuit. It’s light, comfy and as pretty as it could get. I paired it with a pair of light brown heels with tassels for contrast, along with blue and brown tassel earrings. This look is perfect for almost any kind of activity that you’d want to do over a weekend – Street shopping, brunch, movies, etc.











The romper is from Bedazzle. The heels are from Catwalk.

The High Necked Cold Shoulders


This one’s a sophisticated look. A high necked, cold-shouldered brown top, paired with a grey denim dungaree skirt and embellished grey heels. The pairing of the delicate top and the denim skirt is rather unconventional but works because of the dull combination of colors. This ensemble suits best for activities that don’t require a lot of physical work say a dinner date or a birthday party. Most definitely a car to carpet look!








The brown top is from Primadiva. The denim skirt dungaree is from People. The embellished heels are from Silhouette. The look is paired with a pair of olive tassel earrings.

The Dungaree


Go sporty and chic in the dungaree-sneaker-look! The slit sleeved blue and white top adds glamour to the otherwise casual look. It’s one of the most comfortable ensembles on this post. Perfectly suitable for a picnic, provided that you have ample sunscreen!



The blue and white striped, slit sleeved top is from AND and the blue denim dungaree is from Kook and Keech.

And the Mandatory Dress


Investing in a gorgeous and comfortable dress does wonders to your Instagram feed. On a less superficial level, it bodes well for numerous occasions namely, birthday parties, brunch, shopping, etc. I personally love the one I’m sporting as it gives a light, breezy look and the cut at the back adds dollops of style.


The back-cut dress is from a relatively new clothing store called Spring Diaries (formerly Red Velvet) and the black heels are from Soles.

Let me know your thoughts on these looks in the comments! Thanks for being here ❤

Sincere thanks to my photographer Dakshinya Shree N and editor Samhitha Kanthavar.















Flying with Fashion

We’re all done and dusted with the good old dungarees and their kids, dungaree skirts and dungaree dresses. What’s new, you ask?

Cue the gorgeous and uber cute dungaree palazzos!


I was lazily shifting through the countless racks of clothes in one of the major Show Off outlets when I spotted this rare beauty. And to my absolute joy, it was in my all time favorite color and pattern – black and striped!

It comes with a zipper at the back and the (suspenders) are to be tied.


Let’s dive into the pros and cons of these beauties right away.



  • They’re hella comfortable.
  • Unlike some dungarees that come with a pair of fixed length suspenders, these are otherwise, and can be tied near the shoulder or the back.
  • They’re definitely unique and would make you stand out.
  • Call me stupid, but I like the swishing sound they make when I walk.



  • Amidst all that fabric, it gets pretty hot in there, despite the perceived ventilation.
  • The strips of fabric to be tied over the shoulders could keep slipping off, despite your best efforts.
  • It gets a wee bit complicated when nature calls.

These may not be liked by everyone as they’re slightly over the top and not subtle, then again that’s true for a lot of pieces out there. I feel at home when I’m wearing these and I think I’ve already worn these thrice since I bought them.


What I’m wearing:

The dungaree palazzos are from Show Off.

The off-shoulder red top is from Kazo.

The ornamental striped shirt is from Van Heusen.

The red heels are from Dressberry.

The black metal earrings are from Westside.

Let me know what you think about the look in the comments! Until next time. 🙂

Sincere thanks to my photographer Dakshinya Shree N and my editor Samhita Kanthavar.